Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A whole lot of nothing

I see it's been more than a week since I last wandered in there. I'm surprised I could locate the keys.

Why have I been missing?

Honestly, I crave lots and lots of time asleep. Much more than usual. It may be that it's stress related: lots of unknowns at work, lots of good people I know who are facing really, really scary and potentially life-altering things that are weighing on my heart.

Or maybe it's just a B12 deficiency.

No matter, I just want to sleep. And sleep some more.

When I am awake, I've managed to do some sewing. Still trying to finish up the top of a twin-sized quilt. It's the largest quilt I've made in several years, and coincidentally, at 6" square, has some of the smallest blocks I've ever made for a quilt. Eighty blocks of four different configurations (corner, 2 different side blocks and center blocks), plus two borders. I've two sides of the first border sewn on, but realized I didn't cut enough strips to make the other two sides.

Oops. So much for my superior math skills.

Still doing physical therapy for the arthritis in the right knee. Right after PT I feel great; the next morning, I can barely move. Overall, there is improvement. One thing I've realized is that my desk set up at work is not optimal. Unfortunately, the desk chair is being stubborn about being raised. Need to turn it over and figure out what the issue is.

My original plan of having contractors come and look at the kitchen in May to bid on remodeling it may need to be put on hold. Due to some unforeseen expenses this spring, my savings are lower than I've seen them in years. I'd like to do some catch up before I commit to spending a large chunk of my home equity. It's entirely possible I'll delay the project for a year. It's not as if I have any immediate plans to put the condo on the market, or that the kitchen is unusable.

Close your eyes and you don't see the harvest gold countertops at all.

If I do wait, I can do some of the smaller things first - things I don't need permits or contractors to complete. New vanity lights and medicine cabinets in both bathrooms, along with a fresh coat of paint. Change out the porch and patio lights. Paint the walk in closet in my bedroom.

All of this depends, of course, on whether or not I can conquer this infernal sleepiness.

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