Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I know, it's not Friday. But as usual, I've little to say, and am determined to say it.

The "UFO" (unfinished fabric object) challenge I'm doing this year has us number a dozen of our UFOs, one through twelve. Each month, the organizers draw a number on the first, so we can work on that UFO for that month. By the end of the year, you will have finished (or at least made progress on) all twelve.

The first number was actually drawn December 26th rather than January 1st. Naturally, some smarty-pants, attention-craving lunatics were posting on December 27th that their January UFO (#6, if you care) was done! Done! Done!

Things were pretty calm until around a week ago, with people posting pictures of their progress or finishes. A number of those aforementioned smarty-pants, though, along with some others who had finished their #6 projects, started lobbying pretty hard on the facebook page for the next number to be drawn early.

The challenge is global; naturally, someone posted this morning that it is indeed February 1st in New Zealand, where they are anxiously awaiting the next number.

Good grief, people.

It's not a contest.

Participation is voluntary.

No one is checking to see if you are "working ahead", or just lazing in the recliner eating bon-bons and sipping red wine, waiting for the next number to be drawn.

Me? I finished the weekend of the 7th. It's not a completed quilt, but a quilt top that is the sample for the Super Saturday I'm teaching for my quilt guild on February 11th. I'd hoped to get it layered and quilted, but knew I probably wouldn't get to it, as January tends to be a bit busy at work (evenings after work in January I do laze around in the recliner, eating bon-bons (or pizza) with a glass of wine).


I have a question for those who finished so very early in the month - if it took so little time to finish up these projects, why didn't you do them sooner?

And before you ask - yes, someone on the page already asked if the number was going up at 12:01 a.m.tonight.


This is supposed to be fun? LOL.

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Diane said...

Why yes, the number was announced an hour ago. And yes, six minutes ago someone posted a picture of her *completed* number 8. I really, truly don't get it.