Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stupid cold

It's always fun to pull out of the underground parking early in the morning, and watch the temperature readout on the dash drop...25...18...15...14...

It stuck at fourteen this morning. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your particular frame of mind), cars are not yet equipped with anemometers, so you can't tell wind speed, nor calculate wind chill.

That last statistic is well into the negative digits, forecast to stay that way until Friday. Friday into Saturday it will warm up just enough so we can get hit with a high snow total winter storm. After that, the temperatures dip back into stupid cold.

It is only on the few days like this we get each winter that I wonder why I live in Wisconsin. They also remind me to be very, very grateful for a working car, underground parking and a job that pays well enough that I can set the thermostat at home as high as I need.

Easter Seals is picking up donations in my area today. I had a couple of boxes and a lamp for them, but didn't put the lamp out. This kind of cold is not kind to glass; I'd hate to have the glass shatter and injure the pick up guys. The other glass objects are inside a box, swathed in leftover bubble wrap.

It may be too cold to do anything that involves being outside, but stupid cold does lend itself to some fun indoor activities:

- Drink lots of hot chocolate.
- See how many mini marshmallows you can cram into one cup of hot chocolate.
- Make a warm little nest in the middle of your bed, under a stack of blankets, with pillows piled all around you to keep out the drafts.
- Light a fire and doze in front of it (under a stack of quilts, naturally).
- Declare a "slanket" the ultimate fashion statement, and wear one continuously.
- Turn the oven on and bake cookies. Lots of cookies. The longer the oven is on, the better.
- Make lots of casseroles and stews, but use the oven, not the crock pot (see previous point)
- Drink mulled wine.
- Try on every sweater you own. All at once.
- Chase the family dog out of his spot on the chair so you have a pre-warmed spot to sit down in.
- Ask someone to flush the toilet while you are in the shower, so you have enough hot water to finally feel warm.

Winter in Wisconsin; you have to experience it to believe it.

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