Thursday, November 03, 2016

Randomosity, before my head explodes

- Voting. Voted last Wednesday. Incredibly quick, painless process, unlike the choices. Based on the number they assigned me, they had seen just under 100 people per day for the first three days of early voting. That number per day is much higher now.

- Sticker! For the first time in years (I've early voted ever since I moved five years ago), I actually got an "I Voted!" sticker whilst early voting. Still a bit put out, though, as a co-worker who voted at the same place the day before received an "I Voted Early!" sticker. Still, a sticker is a sticker.

- Cubs. Congratulations to baseball's perennial losers. Apparently, the MKE media went crazy last night after the Cubs' win. I can only assume that's because they realize the Brewers will not give cause for similar celebration for quite some time.

- Give as good as you get. Two days ago, I received a text message from some liberal get-out-the-vote organization. Last night, I just missed picking up a call that caller ID said came from New York. They left a voice mail - sure enough, another liberal hack, this one a nice sounding lady urging me as a "friend of Hillary" to get out and vote early. Guess what? It wasn't a toll free number, so I called her back.

She was a bit confused at the call back, I could tell. I nicely, but firmly informed her I am no friend of Hillary, wanted off whatever list she pilfered me from, and that yes, I had voted early - NOT for Hillary. If I figure out what company sold the list with my name on it to the Dems, it will be one company I'll never do business with again. I guard my phone number like a hawk.

- Adulting! I'm on vacation the week of Thanksgiving. Every Black Friday for the last five years I've had the annual furnace maintenance; this year is no exception. To add to the homeowner fun, I've scheduled the chimney sweep and a carpet clean for Monday of that week (in that order, separated by about three hours). Crammed a hair appointment in the morning of the furnace servicing as well. Trying not to have a "must do" or appointment on every day of the vacation week.

- Wacky weather. We tied a record high Tuesday (77 degrees on November 1st). Normal highs this time of year are around 54 - 55. While it cooled off, we are still going to be five to ten degrees above normal for the next week. Good thing; I still need to take care of some outside things before the snow flies.

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