Thursday, October 06, 2016

31 Days...falling down on the job edition

I did warn you. It's been a week, and I've simply not been able to put coherent thoughts together. I was blind Monday night (dilation from eye exam), out late with a friend Tuesday, and recovering last night. Tonight I've a hair appointment after work.

And I'm terribly, horribly, unremittingly crabby.

A confluence of stupid things can put me in a grouchy mood. It's been a banner week for stupid things/people.

Discovered voice mail hasn't been sending notifications since June. Four months of messages.

Coworker decides to unload a backpack on me to "fix" for her.

Had to go into West Allis for the third time in a week (you can't get there (easily) from here, and there are random 10-foot long (but blocking entire lanes) construction zones all over the place).

The brand new washer may (or most likely may not) be part of a recall by Samsung for certain models that have a chance of...going crazy and self destructing (I have to input the serial number in their database to find out...the serial number on my invoice is one number too short; the serial number is on the back of the panel of the washer, where I cannot reach, unless I stand on something, lean over and take a picture (haven't had time yet).

The radio station I usually listen to is running their fall pledge drive. I switch to Pandora, but Pandora is now doing the "are you still listening?" thing once an hour, and they no longer supply the option to interact with an ad to get four hours of continuous play. Instead, they would like you to upgrade to Pandora premium, at $5 per month. Um, no. I keep forgetting to bring the ipod.

Lots of other, in ordinary times, small annoyances. It's just been too many of them all at once, and I just

Going to close my office door to try to get some stuff done, not that it will do much good. They can still annoy me via phone or email, or, as has happened in the past, by unlocking my door and just walking in (not even knocking first - apparently, she thought I wasn't in the office, as I so very, very rarely close my door entirely when I'm here).

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better one.

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melissa said...

Goodness. One annoyance after another. Tomorrow is Friday, is that's a good thing, but doesn't change the fact you've got to get through Thursday. Hang on. It'll get better?!?