Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just dropping in... say I won't be around for a while. Or at least until late next week.

I'm off to a tax seminar in Baltimore, for work. Sixteen hours of c.p.e., spent in the company of more than two hundred tax accountants and attorneys. What could be more fun?

This will be my first time in Baltimore, in a hotel right across the street from the inner harbor - and a waterfront mall. In fact, the hotel has a skyway that connects to the mall. Be still, my pocketbook.

Flying in ridiculously early the day before the conference gives me a bit of time to do some exploring. There is an aquarium nearby, as well as a science center and a really, really old ship. I see that there are some special activities aboard her the day that I'm free. The pier at which she's tied up is across the street from the hotel...though it looks as if the fastest way to get there is...through the mall.

If I read the history correctly, the USS Constellation saw service from 1854 to 1955. Yeah, you read that right. I'm just a little bit excited about the idea of taking a tour. Kind of cool to be able to say you were on board a ship that saw service in the Civil War.

Pictures after, if I don't drop my camera in the harbor.

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melissa said...

Been there. Done that! Gary's brothers live there, and he grew up there. The Inner Harbor and Aquarium are wonderful. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Will love seeing photos.