Friday, July 29, 2016

No particular order

Hit the trifecta today: Friday, payday, "summer day".

I've a long list of things I want or need to do this weekend. Thankfully, the weather is going to be pleasantly dry and even a bit on the cool side, at least for today and part of tomorrow. I'm always a bit more in a mood to work on things when it's not tropical outside, whether or not the actual work needs to be done outside.

Last night's dream featured a man peering in my bedroom windows, with intent to enter and cause harm. In the dream, a friend's police officer husband went to investigate; in real life, I took a quick look at the patio before I left for work, just in case.

Anyone who has been to my place knows that a criminal bringing a ladder and climbing up to the second floor windows is a ridiculously difficult way to enter my condo, given the alternative points of ingress.

Where was I? Things to do...there are three projects that WILL be complete by the end of August. I worked on one a bit Wednesday night, and was surprised at the progress made in just an hour and a half. Then again, everything was set up ahead so I could focus on just doing the one thing I needed to do. That seems to be the key to getting anything done after work during the week: set everything up on the weekend.

Not part of those three projects, but needing to be done is a quick declutter of the loft. I'd like to have the upstairs carpet cleaned in late August (I'm off one mid-week day then), but before they can do that, I need to move some stuff. As in furniture. Ideally, the people who want my old bed, dresser and chest of drawers will be able to pick it up before then. They are at an out of town family wedding until next week, or I'd get that settled. We'll see if Stanley will offer their "two rooms and a hall" deal when each of the rooms is 16 x 16 feet.

Also not part of those three projects, I need to figure out when to schedule a chimney cleaning. It's been on my list to have done for the past couple of years - not urgent, as the fireplace is gas (no creosote build up) and not used more than once a week through the winter. A cleaning is a way to get rid of any gunk left when the old owners converted from natural to gas, as well as a chance to have it inspected for any crack or other issues.

Oh yeah - and get rid of miscellaneous critter skeletons. Yet another critter found its way past the cap and down the flue. From the sound of it, this wasn't a winged creature, but a chipmunk or squirrel. Short of taking the damper apart and out, there is no way to rescue them (which would most likely end with a sooty, crazed rodent careening around the house in panic).

I've contacted the home owner's association about repairs to the cap. If I read the association documents correctly, while the inside of the chimney is my responsibility (it's contained within the outside walls), the cap is theirs (my "property" ends at the roof). No sense having the thing cleaned if animals can still get in.

August starts Monday. Summer is almost gone. Oops - correction: Summer is almost gone!! Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually hate summer, it's more that I like every other season more. Autumn is my favorite (add to to-do list: bring out autumn d├ęcor items to put out last weekend in August (Labor Day is late-ish this year and I don't want to wait).

Enjoy your weekend!

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