Friday, March 18, 2016

Finally Friday

The Friday before a week's vacation can be either frantic or quiet. Since I'm blogging rather than running around the office, you can guess which it is for me today.

Some extended time off is indeed needed. Over the last several days, it's become obvious that in addition to still having a low-level, annoying but not quite at the "go to the doctor" stage cold, I'm overtired and really, really cranky. Head/chest cold==>uneasy sleep==>crankiness. Old story.

Early voting for Wisconsin's primary opens next week. I'm going to cast my ballot, then stick my fingers in my ears for the rest of the week.

Lots to do in addition to voting. Looking at a wedding dress for my cousin's daughter. She would like to wear her fiancé's grandmother's dress, but it would need significant alterations. Taking the car in to have the special tough stuff coating put on the exterior. As of now, just about five weeks from purchase, I've only 823 miles on it (and there were 112 when I picked it up).

Now that the days are getting a little longer, I'd like to finish the upgrades to my bedroom. It's not much, just putting up new curtain rods and curtains, then rearranging the room. Washing the windows is part of the whole new curtain thing, and that has been the delay. It's either been too cold on the weekends (it's the inner side of the outer window that needs cleaning - both windows still have the screens on the inside (which remove from inside the house)), or warm enough during the week but pitch black when I get home from work. I need to be able to see if I'm leaving streaks.

The real plan is to spend as much time in the studio as possible. There are things I both need and want to finish up. The "Drop and Give Me Twenty" challenge in February (try to sew/quilt 20 minutes per day or 580 total minutes for the month) was illuminating for me. I realized 1)I truly miss spending regular amounts of time sewing, 2)At the end of one session, it's critical to have an organized plan for what to do in the next session, 3)Things always take longer than you expect, and 4)It's possible to make a great deal of progress in small amounts of time, repeated regularly.

Making a new habit.

Better get to it and get the last of everything cleared off.

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