Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Back to the rock pile

An unedited quickie, as I'm knee deep in work.

Two weeks off wasn't enough. My enthusiasm for work is nonexistent, while my desire to hibernate for the rest of the winter is high.

In other news, our streak of ridiculously high temperatures has ended. Temps now are only slightly above normal; Sunday, however, will usher in a week or so of arctic weather.

I can't say I knocked out a lot of my vacation to-do list, but what I did was fine. I feel a bit more on top of things at home, from housework to crafting, which will make life a bit easier as work heats up.

The last bit of television I watched on break was Making a Murderer, the Netflix "documentary" about Steven Avery, accused (and convicted) of killing Teresa Hallbach just two years after he had been released from prison after serving 18 years for a rape DNA evidence was finally able to prove he had not committed.

Are all documentaries so very slanted? It was evident ten minutes in that the writers/directors were convinced that Avery was innocent, a victim of a vendetta by the Manitowoc Sheriff Department and a vast conspiracy of attorneys and lawmakers. I don't think I believe in the conspiracy theory, but I do think that law enforcement were reluctant to look at anyone else after Avery became a suspect. He was a source of major embarrassment for the department (not to mention the hefty false imprisonment suit he had filed against them as a result of the 1985 rape conviction). They would be extremely unlikely to admit Avery was not the strongest suspect in the Hallbach case.

It's coming up quickly on my birthday. Not sure how I feel about it this year. We're supposed to have a bit of nasty weather Friday into Saturday, so I'm not planning to go out and be wild and crazy (not that I ever do...but maybe, some day). I'm just surprised at how swiftly the years pass, when the days go so slowly sometimes.

I'd better get back to work. Somehow, I don't think I have enough coffee for this day.

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melissa said...

I used to enjoy watching true-crime documentaries, but the drama wears thin. I limit my viewing to Doc Marten, Masterpiece Theatre and things like that. :)