Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Holi(almost)dailies 2015

If you recall from years past, Holidailies is an annual challenge to put up a blog post daily for the month of December. In it's sixteenth year, it draws all sorts of different bloggers.

Including me.

Browsing through the archives, it looks as if the first year I blathered through Holidailies was 2007, continuing most years (I believe I missed just one) to the present.

As in those previous years, I make no guarantees about the quality of the posts, only about the frequency of posts. As in previous years, I'm also hoping to use the challenge to rediscover some of my writing mojo, which decided to go on walkabout a couple of years ago, without even sending me an occasional postcard, silly girl.

There may even be pictures. Real pictures I've taken, rather than images filched after a google search and posted in violation of copyright laws.

Not that I would do anything like that. Ahem. Moving on...

In the spirit of Holidailies past, this post is indeed counting as the entry for December 1st.

As I said, folks, quantity over quality.

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melissa said...

Always enjoy your sarcasm. ;)