Saturday, September 12, 2015

Unfocused Saturday

It's been one of those unfocused, wandering, wondering, unproductive days. But that's ok, I guess.

Wonder of wonders, I slept all the way through from bedtime (quarter to nine) until the alarm went off at four. The plan was never to get up at four, but to make my usual 3 a.m. nature call, and gleefully reset the clock for a more Saturday-ish time when I crawled back in bed. But I slept all the way through.

That didn't stop me from resetting the alarm for six. Or from messing around reading the paper and playing games for an hour when I did get up. Not to worry, though, as I filled up the laundry basket, took it downstairs and started the load when I finally did get moving.

Um, maybe I should go through it in the dryer, huh?

The grocery order came right at the start of my delivery window, about five minutes after I finished picking up. Lots of good, fall-type stuff, to make soups and hearty stuff. Naturally, since I have all this food in the house, I'm ordering pizza for dinner. I did cook lunch, even if it was just macaroni and cheese (blue box, not home made).

The plan for tomorrow is to make a knock-off of Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana. The recipe says it serves 4 - 6, but I've a feeling it will make much, much more than that. The total liquid in the soup (broth, water and cream) is 56 ounces. Add to that a pound of italian sausage, an onion, two large potatoes and a bunch of kale, and the volume goes up quite quickly. Just the liquid alone would be almost two cups of soup per person, if you are feeding four. Eh, it's a good thing I like this soup so much, as I'll probably be eating it all next week for lunch. Next week, when it is going back into the high seventies and low eighties. Sigh.

Some creative things are brewing. I've started programming the embroidery for a small saying a friend wants done. He wants it to look like his grandmother embroidered it, so I'm free to add flowers and things. Much fun, or will be once the letter-by-letter programming, dragging, aligning and rotating are done.

I've a couple of the small challenge quilts I'm working on, and I've designed the one for September (flying geese block...having fun with this one). For September I'm also in a swap that in part has a donation towards ovarian cancer research. It's a small project - a "mug rug", essentially a half size placemat. I'm a bit confused, though. My swap partner doesn't like batiks (my usual go-to for swaps), nor a bunch of stuff I usually use. She does like bright colors, and modern-type quilts, so I have a few ideas. The hard part is that the piece of fabric we were given that must be used in the project is...a teal batik.

I suppose I could use it as the backing, and use other teals on the front?

By the end of the weekend, I'd like to have the fall decor out. There is rather a lot of it, though I've thinned the herd, so to speak, over the last few years. Time to do another culling.

So much to do, so little ambition. And after tonight, it has to be done without my contacts, but with glasses. I don't see nearly as well with glasses on, even though the prescription is recent. But I suppose you don't really need to see much to vacuum or dust (at least the way I do it). Sewing might be close enough to my eyeballs to manage. The difficult part will be getting through the workday until my 2:15 eye appointment.

But it can all wait. I need to pour a glass of wine before the pizza gets here, and pick out a movie to run through dinner and the decoration sorting.

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