Saturday, August 01, 2015

Whooo's having fun on a Saturday

In spite of getting a full night's sleep, I woke up a bit out of sorts, about quarter to six (that is actually pretty late for me; four-fifteen is the usual time). After messing around for a bit, I went back to bed for an hour.

Didn't help the mood.

A houseful of groceries did, though. Fried up some potatoes, onions and mushrooms and topped the mess with a couple of scrambled eggs. The two cups of coffee probably helped.

The plan was to spend a good part of the day sorting things to give away. Easter Seals is picking up the third Wednesday in August. Since it finally is August, I'd better start sorting.

Eh. Didn't feel like it.

I wandered into the studio, intending (really) just to put away everything from the Crazy Cabin project. But part of the "mess" is a stack of fleece cut into various sizes, meant to be made into little blankets for Project Night Night. I'm waiting for the fabric I ordered for a quilting job for a friend, so...


First owl. The color of the thread on that bottom
piece isn't as pink in real life.
Second owl. Who says the owl has to be "owl"
There are seven of these  little fleece blankets all told. Once all the embroidery is done, I get to play with the binding attachment for the machine. In theory, you feed your long bias strip into the attachment, which screws into the bed of the machine. The gadget double folds the strip and lines it up perfectly around the edge of your quilt or fabric as you feed it into the machine, sewing it all down. By the time I finish binding seven of these (not to mention turning 28 corners), I should be an expert.

Project Night Night includes a blanket, a book and a stuffed animal in the totebags for the kids. When I saw this, how could I resist?

These are pretty small - in spite of what it looks like,
there are only two sizes, the larger of which
finishes at nine inches tall.
The fabric I'm using for the applique is all bird themed - feathers,birds, swirly things and more feathers. I've more than enough to make a stuffed owl for each blanket.

This is all an "in between" project - something I work on when I'm not actively trying to get something else finished. Each owl takes an hour or so (I actually simplified the second one, reducing the number of applique pieces by three) plus the time to set up, cut stabilizer, chose fabric and find thread. I've a number of these kinds of filler projects; getting some of them done will decrease the volume of stuff in the studio.

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