Friday, August 07, 2015

Keep, donate, donate...good grief, I still have that?

Alas, this weekend will not be spend sewing cute little owls on the rest of the fleece blankets. At least, not all of them; I should be able to squeeze in one.

Easter Seals is coming for a pick up on Wednesday, so the much talked about decluttering and sorting of clothes is a priority for the weekend. Given how prone I am to decision fatigue, this kind of marathon clearing gets interesting. At a certain point I'm equally likely to exclaim, "I can't do this anymore! Just leave it - I can do this some other time.", or, in an off-with-their-heads fashion, "That's it! Take it all! Take it all, I say!"

Yeah, it's fun being me.

If enough is cleared, I can start on the final stages of reorganizing and decorating, which should be fun.

Other than that, cleaning the rest of the house, baking/cooking for the freezer and a bit of outside work should fill up the rest of the weekend. Not what you would call exciting, but it keeps me out of trouble and the results make life a bit more pleasant.

So, what are your weekend plans?

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melissa said...

Not keen on sorting of the kind you'll do, but it ends up ranks high in satisfaction. That is, when it's done!

Company is in town, so we'll do company is I town sorts of things. :) Hope you enjoy yourself. I think I shall.