Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Midweek musings muttering musings

Trying to keep a positive perspective.

- The little matching game I play online to clear my mind has a "daily spin" feature that allows you to win coin to use in the game. For the first time in years of playing, the spin came up with 1 million for me. It's the little things, folks.

- I smell like the beach this morning, and I'm not sorry. My poor dry feet needed the world's best body lotion this morning, and I must have been over generous in application.

- Shall we start a pool on when Donald Trump will go away? It can't be too soon.

- There are rumors of a lion loose on Milwaukee's north side. Well, based on the video, it looks more like a bobcat, but the first report said "lion". The police and animal people searched for a couple of hours when it was first reported Tuesday, but found nothing. You would think there would be other, um, signs. Still, it's nice to make the national news for something silly for a change.

- Found a small console table and a storage ottoman at Target on sale (and it was cheap inexpensive, starter "furniture" to begin with). The table has three little drawers, while the ottoman has plenty of room inside. These two will complete the bedroom transformation, as I ditch the rest of the bedroom set (dresser and chest of drawers) and declutter the clothes. The goal is to move the armoire to the bedroom (two medium drawer and two tall shelves) to house underthings, socks and nightwear, along with a couple of pair of jeans. The shelves will still house my quilts and smaller fabric pieces. The extra set of sheets and the vintage pillowcases will go in the storage ottoman.

I think this will work, if I'm diligent about culling. There is plenty of room to hang things in the walk-in closet, though all of that will be culled as well. The ultimate goal is to create a clutter-free, happy but peaceful space. There really will be pictures when I'm done, most likely around mid-August, as that is when Easter Seals is picking up the boxes of clothes I'm donating after culling.

- Vintage pillowcases - did you know I sort of collect them? "Sort of", because once I have them, I actually use them. They are generally made from a much thicker weight of cotton or linen than any but luxury linens are today, holding up very well to both regular use and laundering. Besides, they are the only vintage linens I can afford.

- Only two more "summer" Friday afternoons off. While I will miss the free time, part of me is relieved that I won't be required to be at the office by 6:30 a.m. anymore. The plan is to rearrange my schedule a bit, establish new habits and get more sleep. According to the Fitbit, I'm averaging just over six hours of actual sleep a night, which is not enough. Seven or seven and a half is optimal for me. Less, on a continual basis, makes me cranky.

- The Italian beef I made for card night? Delicious. Bonus - there is enough left for sandwiches for lunch this week, with additional for the freezer.

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melissa said...

You make me laugh. I play HayDay and totally get the reward joy. As to your bedroom....glad you're fussing over it and buying new furniture to go with your bed. And about to the vintage pillowcases. Yes! I, for the longest time, saved those sorts of things, but no more. The old cotton is too wonderful to not sleep on. Besides, we have several with embroidery from my grandmother. I like that. :)