Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lazy but productive Sunday

Just finished planning the menu for the card shark ladies. It's been at least three years since we've gotten together. The main instigator (and usual hostess) moved to Missouri for a couple of years to help take care of her grandkids while her son was in seminary. They all moved back here at least two full summers ago. Maybe it's been four years since we've gotten together this way?

So: italian beef sandwiches (rump roast in the crockpot - almost no work) on your choice of italian bread or organic, whole wheat rolls, green salad (one of the group is bringing this), green seedless grapes, hot German potato salad (either one of the other ladies or I will pick this up that day) and sauteed green pepper and onion to top the sandwiches, if desired. Someone is bringing dessert, most likely apple pie.

Sounds both simple and delicious. Next weekend is supposed to be one unbroken stretch of mid-eighties days. I'd thought about throwing some sausages, both italian and bratwurst (which brings up an interesting point I'd never considered before - that this particular sausage mix perfectly displays both sides of my ethnic heritage (half Sicilian, half German)), on the grill. Too much work on too hot a day.

Speaking of hot, the last couple of days have been rather steamy. The bushes out front needed a good soaking, and I gave it to them today. I've mentioned before that in order to keep the neighbors from getting drenched on the way to their cars, I keep the sprinkler low and move it from one side of the small plot to the other. Given that I leave it on each side for at least forty-five minutes, it gets a nice, deep watering.

Next on the day's agenda was putting together a small hand cart. Just something to use to roll out the recycling, garbage or other stuff when I'm not in a position to throw the stuff in the trunk and drive it out. The immediate goal, assuming it's not pouring after work tomorrow, is to haul the old patio chairs down to the refuse pick up point, along with an old rug and assorted hose. Be nice to finally be rid of that stuff.

Boiled eggs for lunch, read a novella, cut up the cardboard from the hand cart and a few other boxes, then took a nap. Sunday afternoon naps are great, but I had a special reason to take one today.

The low battery chirp on the smoke detector started up about 2:30 this morning. You know, the smoke detector right outside my bedroom door, the one I can't reach without the fifteen foot ladder.

I couldn't sleep, not only because of the chirping, but because my bedroom is the warmest it is in a twenty-four hour cycle at 2:30. Just not comfortable. But also not awake enough to drag the ladder out and change the battery.

I got up, and read and surfed and splashed water on my face until I was awake enough to climb the ladder without falling off, over the loft railing to the living room below. That was about 4:30. I went back to bed, but that's about the time I usually get up, and sleep was elusive. Therefore, the nap.

More to do yet today. Strip the bed, rotate the mattress and remake it. Make a tuna casserole for dinner. Vacuum/dust the living and dining rooms. Clean the downstairs bath. Clean the kitchen. Take the leaf out of the dining room table. Put on a different tablecloth. Figure out lunches for next week.

None of which takes very long, thankfully.

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melissa said...

Temps in the mid eighties sounds downright chilly. It's so hot here I want to scream, but that'd only make me hotter. Jeez.

And glad you're need that...your girlfriends with yummy things to eat. Waytogo. :)

I think we'd have fun if we could meet for lunch. Guess we'll have to do tht in a vicarious way, eh?

Take care, love.