Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Laid low

Sigh. I'd done so well this winter - no really major cold.

Naturally, now that it is March and the arrival of Spring may be more than just a pipe dream, a virus sneaks in with a nasty uppercut and lays me low.


It's easy to blame this on recycled air on the flights to and from New Orleans. I felt great during the entire trip (Tuesday through Friday), and felt fine over the weekend. Monday morning, waking with a lot of congestion, I thought maybe it was all in my head (heh), at the idea of going back to work...

No such luck. Raw throat, alternately plugged and runny nose, and rather plugged ears. That last is always interesting, as it affects my balance a bit.

I'm up for half an hour or so, to watch a bit of news, e-mail in to work and take some cold stuff. The biggest question right now is where to go back to sleep - crawl back into bed, or go downstairs and curl up on the couch? There are merits in each. The bed is ultimately more comfortable, but the couch is closer to the kitchen, and hot broth sounds really good right now.

Both those options, however, are dependent on my having enough energy to leave this chair...

1 comment:

melissa said...

Oh poo, love. You need fussing over. Wish I could get some Elderberry to you. :(