Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday follies

After a half day at the mechanic and a hefty bill, the "check engine" light came on this morning. The odds are that they simply forgot to reset something, but it does mean a return to trip, which is majorly annoying (add to which this was at 6:05 this morning, and I can't call until the lazybones open up at seven). There is an appointment I will.not.miss later this afternoon, so I'm hoping this really is just a reset issue. (edit: car set for 1:30)

On the plus side, it means I can leave early. We'll see what they have open for slots. Or rather, I'll tell them what time this beginning-to-be-irate customer will be coming back in.

The weather took a turn for the frosty overnight, and will be getting worse as the weekend progresses. Highs of maybe ten tomorrow, with sustained winds strong enough to make the wind chill hover in the minus twenty to twenty-five degree area. Thankfully, once I'm home from my appointment, I won't have to go out again until church on Sunday.

The all-important appointment? A touch up for my hair. Or rather, at this point, an entire recoloring. My original appointment was set for January 22nd. I go four weeks between retouches, so I'm now a full seven weeks out from the last coloring. A best guess is more than two inches of outgrowth - and a good look at how grey I really am. There is a lingering temptation to have it all cut short and let it go grey - but I hate most short hair cuts.

Sewing to do this weekend, and lots of cleaning. Groceries coming tomorrow, with some cooking to do tonight. Home made chicken soup, and perhaps a chicken divan casserole. Something warm and comfort foodish.

Catching up on some reading will happen. In January I finished only one nonfiction book; the beginning of February was spent plowing through a historical novel. The goal, if you recall, is two nonfiction books per month in 2015. I'll admit I'm easing into it; my first read was an enjoyable, wonderful book, but falls into the "Christian nonfiction chick-lit" genre. Sadly, the one I just finished (at the car place yesterday) is much the same. The book I hope to finish yet this month is one on decluttering. Nonfiction? Yes. Hard reading? No.

If it kills me (and it may), I will get through James White's What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'an by the end of the year.

Reading, comfort food, a place by the fire while the wind howls outside (a warm quilt over me and the electric space heater at my feet - that gas fire doesn't put out a lot of heat) - can't think of a better weekend.


melissa said...

Sorry about the car. Daughter's check engine light this week required her to spend 900 bucks on a new catalytic converter and its accoutrements. Same for you?

Your weekend sounds cozy, however. Spring can't come soon enough, can it?

Diane said...

The initial, big visit was for a tie rod and a ball joint, plus the free recall on the airbags. The second visit, after the check engine light came on Friday morning, was for the O2 sensor and a voltage thingee.