Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Getting back into the swing of things here isn't going quite as well as I hoped. So here is a brief brain dump/reminder list to clear out some room for work related items.

- The joy of an early January birthday: Everyone is broke from Christmas and it's nasty cold, so no one wants to go out to celebrate. According to the forecast, it will be minus ten overnight Wednesday to Thursday morning - Thursday would be my birthday. May I please stay home where it is warm instead of dragging out in the cold to work?

-Three plus hours for Chinese food: Short version: internet order didn't go through, though the site said it was confirmed. Called restaurant, placed order over the phone, was told 35 - 40 minutes, but it took over an hour. I don't think I'll be having Chinese food again. Ever.

-Stupid window blind: While I was out Sunday morning, the support cables on one of the blinds on my bedroom window decided they were no longer up to the job. Since I'm having issues getting the existing valance rod to stay on its supports, I've decided to ditch the whole idea of blinds and valance. The blinds will be completely removed, a new, double curtain rod installed with floor length sheers and the newly made valance. It will be less expensive overall than new blinds, and I'm a whiz at installing curtain rods.

-Stupid Home Depot: I'm thinking of painting the downstairs bathroom over MLK weekend, which means at long last putting up a new fixture. The one I love, love, love is no longer available at Home Depot. Instead, I have to go to the fancy lighting store downtown (ok, so "downtown" in this case is five minutes from where I work). Same price, but much, much more tempting things to walk past. I still have to find out if the electrician who owes me a favor will be available to install it.

-Now that we finally have snow, can it melt, please?: We had about an inch and a half overnight, and of course, our snowplowing/clearing company hadn't done anything yet when I left this morning. The media is going nuts about plow counts and salting - you would think they had never seen snow before. Naturally, there were two different serious accidents this morning, as people misjudged the conditions.

-So I remember: Package, batting, clothes, pork chops, baking, weekend list.

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