Saturday, January 31, 2015


At long last, we are going to have a true snowstorm. The latest forecasts call for six to nine inches, falling from later Saturday night through early Monday morning.

The only down side to this is that it is happening on a weekend; it will be mostly cleaned up enough to make it to work on Monday.

Boo, no snow day.

There is plenty of food in the house, though I may join the throngs at the grocery store later today just to get something sweet to bake for breakfast tomorrow (I've already checked that there is adequate coffee in the house, along with lots of hot chocolate). Watching people freak out over milk and toilet paper supplies (I have plenty of both) and clearing out the beer displays amuses me to no end. The likelihood of anyone in the Milwaukee metro area being "snowed in" for more than twenty-four hours is slim, but the instinct to stockpile is part of our ancestral history.

At the moment (8 a.m.), the sun is shining brightly. Clouds don't start to move in until late afternoon.

The local meteorologists smile ever-so-slightly as they talk about snow totals and high winds. Jealousy ran high during the east coast storm last week. While a mild forecast is great for those of us who need to go about our usual business, it's a bit boring for the weather people.

In truth, the storm won't derail any of my plans. Cleaning, organizing and sewing were the plans for tonight and tomorrow, all indoor activities which will keep me out of the storm. But there is a strong pull to light a fire, make some hot chocolate, curl up and read all day, watching the storm while snug inside.

May as well enjoy it. After the storm passes, the temperature falls, with highs only in the teens through the week.

Finally, winter arrives in Wisconsin.

Heh, wonder what the groundhog is going to say on Tuesday?

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melissa said...

Our winter, thankfully, has been mild compared to last January. By now we've usually had an ice storm. Ugh. Glad we've been spared. But your plans sound nice and snug. When I stuck my head outside earlier, I could smell someone's fireplace. Lovely.