Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A little strange, but it works for me

Two weeks until Christmas Eve. Time to start stocking up the pantry, both for vacation and the traditional Christmas Eve meal -

- pizza.

It sounds strange, but isn't that big a departure from the antipasti spread my grandparents put out every year when I was growing up. It's just all put on a pizza.

When my sister gave birth to my mother's only grandchild, she had just started divorce proceedings against the girl's father. My mother, in order to be sure to have access to her granddaughter "first", decreed that our family Christmas would happen Christmas Eve...morning. Well, brunch time-ish.

After the festivities, sister and niece (and later new husband and stepdaughter) would trail off to whichever relative was next on the list. My mother would take off to her brother's for the evening. I'd go to services at either five or seven p.m., depending on whether the church was offering a 5 p.m. "child friendly" service.

I'd come home to a very quiet flat.

One year, I realized after service that I'd not had dinner, and there wasn't much in the house to cook. About the only place that was open was Walgreens, where I grabbed a frozen pizza and a tape (this was a long time ago) of a movie I'd not yet seen.

Thus, a tradition was born.

It's much more upscale these days. I'm making home made pizza, complete with all natural, nitrate-free pepperoni, buffalo mozzarella and a sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano to finish it off. The local up-scale grocer with the great spirits department is starting their holiday wine sale tomorrow, so I'll pick up a nice bottle or two to go with the grub.

That leaves the movie. Any recommendations? With Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and Netflix, I should be able to get my hands on just about anything you suggest. Action movies preferred, though action movies that are more than just special effects strung together with minimal plot (Air Force One versus Transformers). Or a light holiday movie (not The Christmas Story, nor It's a Wonderful Life).

I've put together the Peapod order that includes the cheese and pepperoni, plus some supplies for the pulled pork I'm bringing for the office potluck. There should be enough fresh produce to get me through to the weekend before the holiday, when I'll stock up the last time for the week ahead. I start vacation the 19th, and don't really want to be out in the stores much between then and the holiday if I can help it. Crowds make me itch.

Do you have any offbeat traditions or holiday habits?

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melissa said...

Hmmmm. Movies. I am partial to the Bourne ones, and have watched them repeatedly. 'Prancer' with Sam Ellicott remains my fave Christmas movie, though. Two weeks until the day, and I've not really done squat. Read somewhere online the other day, a woman was making Christmas cookies. Oh yeah. I forgot that you're supposed to make them. Silly, huh?!