Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Speaking of freezing...

We had our monthly staff meeting in the upstairs conference room (the downstairs conference room is full of auditors - I believe there was a one week break between when the financial statement audit concluded and the NCAA and A-133 audits began...the conference room has been infested with auditors the rest of the time since August 1st).

Good heavens, it felt as if Elsa had taken up residence upstairs. You could feel the temperature drop as soon as the door opened. Even the people already wearing sweaters (which didn't at the time include me) were cold.

We thought it was a local disturbance (ghosts?), but the main office down here is colder than usual as well. My office is about five degrees colder than the main part of the office; I actually put on my big, fluffy, warm acrylic sweater (the one I just brought back today (yay!) after taking it home to wash).

Turns out there actually is an issue with the heat, according to facility services.

We have steam heat, conveniently provided via the WE Energies plant in the Menomonee River valley immediately to our south. Unfortunately, all that lovely steam comes to campus at the other end, then has to travel a long way underground to reach our building, one of the outliers of the campus. Naturally, my office is at the end of the steam line that comes into our area.

Sigh. Winter is not only here outside, it's inside as well.

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