Friday, October 24, 2014

Biding my time

The last half of the day before vacation always seems to drag. I don't really want to delve into anything complicated, but I've taken care of the softball stuff already, except for reviewing a packet of paperwork that may or may not hit my in basket before I leave.

Eh, it will be waiting for me when I return.

This week, instead of making a long list of the things I want and/or need to do, I'm going to keep track of the things that actually happen. It's a bit cheerier, more optimistic way of looking at the to-do list, and a good reminder of the things that were done just for the fun of it all.

Sewing is high on the "fun of it all". In fact, tomorrow and Sunday I'm taking an advanced machine quilting class that promises to be both interesting and a brain-loosener. Playing with new patterns and funky threads on a sample piece is much less stressful than trying the technique out on an actual project, and has the added benefit of jump starting the creative center of my brain.

For today, I can put two things on the "accomplished" list already:

1. Clean desk at work
2. Put out of office notification on e-mail

Hey - I never claimed these would be earth-shattering accomplishments. Just the fact that I remembered to do the second one is a miracle. The desk is actually organized for when I come back, complete with a list of what will need to be done first.

Eighty-seven minutes, not that I'm counting.

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