Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thursday head clearing.

I get to this time of the week and I need to clear my head out for the weekend.

College kids' dinner update - two of the nine young ladies discovered they have conflicts, and cannot come. That's fine, but one of the two was a driver, and was bringing four of the other girls with her. This is going to be fun to work out. It looks as if the menu has changed to jambalaya rather than pot roast (easier to cook than the roast and go-withs, especially for what was to be a pretty big group).

Unexpected bounty - Just for fun I clicked through to the "rewards" section of my credit card's on-line site. They had the usual stuff - pots & pans, coffee makers, electronics...and an option where you could get Amazon gift certificates in different values. Why yes, I'll take $200 in Amazon gift cards just before the holidays, thank you. This may be enough to get the shelves and a couple of other things for the sewing studio that have been languishing on the wish list for a while.

Baby, it's cold outside - Just a degree under freezing when I left home this morning. I'm warm enough outside with a heavy cardigan and a spring jacket; inside the house, however, I seem to catch every draft possible. I don't remember the condo being particularly drafty last winter. It's time to take a lighted candle and check the seals on the windows, and the patio doors in particular. While I think putting plastic over the windows may help, the problem is most likely the simple fact that heat rises. It's past time to put a reversible ceiling fan in the living room - and the loft.

Overwhelmed - Both at home and at work. At work, I have a ton of my own work to do, but every time I turn around, I'm given some of someone else's stuff to do because they are "too busy" -? Truth to tell, they whine, I don't. That is changing today. My own work is not only immovable deadline driven, it carries both high visibility (goes to the BOT) and the possibility of high reputational risk. Time to put my foot down. The home things are a bit more stressful than they should be due to things a bit out of my control. The way to deal with it? Rearrange things, and if others are not amenable, ditch the event entirely. It makes no sense to accumulate this much stress in order to have fun.

No creative time - Part of the reason for not coping with everything better is the utter lack of any creative time over the last month. Saturday, I hope to get in the studio for at least an hour or so (other than any time taken to vacuum and dust, that is). Nothing is more frustrating than having an entire room to sew and play in, and no time to take advantage of it.

I'd better get back to it...I've found another error (made by someone else) that has an impact on what I'm working on. I need to convince my boss of the right way to handle it...

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