Monday, October 28, 2013

It's not plagiarism if you don't get caught, right?

On the university News Briefs this afternoon is a short blurb about our first "Writing Month" starting November 1st.

Based on what the blurb says about the kick off, goal setting and write-ins, it certainly sounds like a fair rip off of NaNoWriMo, which also begins November 1st. Do they really think no one will notice?

Time slipped well away from me again this year. I'd planned last year - when things got crazy in November - to put things off, get organized and hit the keyboard hard this year.

Um, yeah. Not so much.

There are only three days and change to the start, and I can't possibly get all my pens and pencils in a row in that time. I may, however, take the month to do the organizing, if that makes sense.

If I were crazy, I'd follow up the 31 Days of Quilts with 30 Days of ... much better written posts than I've put up over the last year. I can do it, and fairly easily; I tend to be lazy and throw up stream-of-consciousness stuff. It's soooo much better when I take the time to edit. Or think of an actual post topic. And not write when I'm tired, hungry or cranky.

Well, that eliminates writing for about 23 3/4 hours of the day. The remaining quarter of an hour is, I suspect, part of the time I spend asleep.

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