Friday, October 25, 2013

An October Friday

The house still smells a bit like the bacon from breakfast. The late afternoon light in the condo is filtered; no direct light reaches the windows at this time of day, at least not after October 1st. The place is warm enough, though the heat is on its "away" setting, and won't come on until the room drops to sixty degrees.

It's been a strange few days off. Being tired from the conference explained the lack of ambition on Wednesday. Thursday was full of anticipation for the new tables, and the rearranging and messing around their delivery sparked. There may or may not have been a few naps in there, some reading and a lot of Minion Rush.

Somewhere in there I did put in a grocery order, which was delivered today. Included in the bags is my favorite quick bread mix (and the only quick bread I like), Pillsbury's pumpkin bread. That, along with some of the mini 3 Musketeers and Kit Kats that mysteriously made their way into the grocery order will be part of the snacks for canasta tomorrow morning.

Cleaning to do yet...the living room is almost done (I always miss at least one item when I'm dusting, and never the same one). The dining room needs work, the kitchen needs more and the bathroom could use a quick once-over.  After that, I'm putting my feet up.

There will be a fire and a glass of wine tonight. I've downloaded half a dozen books in the last few days, so finishing the ones I'm currently in the middle of has become a priority. Focus has been an issue lately; I'm hoping an extended stint of reading will help fix that. It generally does. If I can force my attention to a book for a fair amount of time, I find it easier to focus in on other things.

Like not sitting down to write a blog post in the middle of cleaning.

Chicken fajitas for dinner, I think. Easy to make, and usually makes enough for at least three or four meals if I make half a recipe. Chop up chicken, green pepper and onions, add oil and spices, throw in a can of Ro-tel and bake until done. The tricky part is filling the tortillas in such a way that the tortillas and the filling come out even for the last meal. Hate to have one left over without the other.

See, unfocused babbling about food instead of vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. At least there isn't much to distract me when I'm actually cleaning the bathroom. Well, except for the batting (There's only one of me, and I use the upstairs bath, with its walk in shower, in the morning. The downstairs bathtub is used to store quilt batting. What?!??).

Back to it.

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