Wednesday, April 03, 2013

It's a's a falcon!

Last year it was the red tailed hawks at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. This year, here is the link to one of the We Energies peregrine falcon nesting boxes.

The gravel looks much less comfortable than the twig-and-feather nest the hawks created, but apparently falcons prefer what they call a "scrape" as a nesting place, and gravel is considered a prime material by the birds.

Momma - the larger of the pair, who mate for life - just rearranged herself on the eggs, of which there are at least three, at least that I could count. There may have been one more hiding under her other side.

Incubation period is 29 - 33 days; We Energies had no information on when the eggs were laid, so when they will hatch is anyone's guess. The chicks are said to have disproportionately large feet - I'm looking forward to seeing them.

When diving for prey (they eat other birds - and happily, they help keep the pigeon population down), they reach speeds in excess of 200 mph. And still can snatch the catch of the day out of mid-flight. 


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Yes, and I'm so brilliant, the only time I've found to hit the link is AT NIGHT. Must try again tomorrow. :)