Thursday, March 21, 2013

Too good not to share

"Thursday. The most useless day. It only exists as a reminder that it's been a really long week...

...and it's still not over."

Especially when it is the Thursday before the Friday before vacation.


melissa said...

Aren't you just crazy excited about time off? You really deserve it, and I hope you can play and not keep too busy.

I purposely scheduled our Spring Break for next week, partly because it being Holy Week, just makes sense---plus the dental school is closed, so no appts. I'm tired of taking 2 kids downtown!!!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and your further time off. Delicious, isn't it? And maybe the weather will cooperate. :)

Diane said...

It sounds like I'm not the only one "crazy excited" at the idea of some time off! I hope you can just enjoy the time at home - no running around, just being at home where your heart and your bliss is.

The weather is going to be unseasonably cool, about ten degrees below normal. That's good news, if I intend to machine quilt several tops this week.