Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Stream of consciousness

Honestly, I'm not sure I'm adequately caffeinated yet, so this is more like stream of unconsciousness, if you know what I mean.

Snow. We had some more. Anything under six (we had 4.1 officially at the airport, about a mile from my place) is hardly worth mentioning. Yet we are finally ahead of the average snowfall for the year, all thanks to snow in February and the first five days of March. I hope we are done for the year.

Cleaning. As I said on Facebook, some woman pretending to be me became obsessed with emptying, wiping down and reorganizing both the kitchen pantry and the bathroom linen closet over this past weekend. Both rooms are still a bit disheveled, but if a nosey guest opens the closet or pantry, they will see pristine shelves and well labeled supplies.

Sewing. None has been done, but the studio will be finished this weekend. A friend is coming Sunday to help me shift the bookcase into the studio and the treadle sewing machine into the living room. With luck, I'll get in a bit of sewing sometime Saturday.

Banking. Tried to deposit a check Saturday, but there were no deposit envelopes at the ATM at my bank. Long story short, the customer service reps at Associated called me (twice, actually, once to get the scoop and once to tell me what they found out) to let me know this was a new-fangled machine, installed in January, that needs no deposit envelopes nor deposit slips. Your checks are scanned as they go in and your receipt will bear an image of the deposited check.

Sounds awesome, huh? Two problems.

One, no signage at the ATM informing you of this, nor of how to use the new deposit feature. It may have come up on screen, but when I didn't see envelopes, I didn't bother inserting my card.

Two, according to the bank reps, the new machines are balanced only twice a week. Therefore, it takes your deposit almost twice as long to clear and for the funds to become available.

Think about that one.

Meantime, by contrast, the deposit I made after work last night at a live teller window at the drive through is cleared, posted and available in my account as of this morning.

Art. As a result of a brainstorm last night, I'm looking into ordering prints from a coworker who is a pretty good photographer. There are four I want, though I'm not sure that the budget can handle it, what with framing and such. At the same time, not doing it all will make the whole display look a bit unfinished. We'll see where the prices come in.

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