Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's Up Wednesday 022713

My friend Katharine hosts a little gathering each week called What's Up Wednesday. For a change, I thought I'd play along.

So what is up in my corner of the world? Not much, to be honest. A thick blanket of snow fell overnight, and continues to fall. A perfect day to sit by the fire with some hot chocolate, or to work on a quilt. Instead, I plowed my way in to work.

Thanks to the snow (and the cold I picked up from traveling) I missed the second months' class for the Feels Like Spring bed runner (scroll down to "A block of the month class" to see the picture of the quilt). That means I get to play this weekend - we were going to applique the daffodils to the background and do the embroidery around them. This process is all new to me, but I think I have it figured out...besides, I've plenty of extra fabric if I need a do-over.

Monday night I did the grocery shopping, and my counters are littered with boxes and cans of stuff. The amount of storage space I have is limited. This morning I had the bright idea of reorganizing the closet pantry. There is a wonderful rack on the door in which I've been putting the canned goods...but I'm thinking of putting the plastic storage stuff in the door rack (the better to reach it when packing lunches, and the better for the poor door hinges) and using the shelf for canned stuff. Radical, I know. Will keep you updated.

Truly, that may be the most exciting thing going on around here. I've finished The Scarlett Letter, but need to write up the blog post for the Reading to Know Read Along. I started and finished two Kathy Reichs novels while traveling to and from the conference. I'm a quarter of the way through the third book in C.S. Lewis' space trilogy, and have started several non-fiction books on financial stewardship, community and faith. It appears I've spent a great deal of the last week with a book in front of my face.

There are worse ways to spend my time.


Joy Foucault said...

I love spending hours reading! How did you like The Scarlet Letter?

Katharine said...

Reading a good book is my way of telling winter I don't care what it does! Thanks for joining in today!