Friday, December 07, 2012


The quilt for the silent auction is done. This is the second quilt I've made since the Great Quilting Drought of 2011-2012, and also the second one to be completed in a very limited time frame.

If you will recall, the GQD11-12 was broken in August by a whale of a baby quilt. Because of difficulties locating various necessary parts of the machine, the machine quilting and finishing of that little blanket was done in record time.

This quilt was done quickly due to late notice that the theme for our party was "a home made Christmas" and that they wanted hand crafted donations for the auction. If anyone on that committee crafts, they either do something less time intensive or have more free time than I do.

The fabric was purchased the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. The quilt was completed last night - fifteen days later. Not too shabby, considering I work full time and had several social engagements sandwiched in there.

After all the washing and drying, it looks like this:

Scale is difficult to judge in a photo. The final size of the quilt, if my math is right, is 54 x 70 - a generous lap quilt (by comparison, a twin mattress top measures 39 x 75)

This isn't my best work; skipped stitches plagued the quilting (a sure sign of being in a hurry-skipped stitches are operator error not machine issues) and the top shifted and created several spaces with less than optimal fabric bunching. But once it was washed and the batting/fabric shrunk up a bit, it's not noticeable.

As I said when I first used this pattern, it's a lot of fun to make, and someday I'd like to make one like this that I can actually keep for myself. In fact, I already know the color scheme and exactly how I want to do it...

But before that, I've one more special little quilt to make. I've started sketching it out; once the design is done, it's on to all the math needed to figure out fabric yardages.

I wonder if I can have that one done before Christmas...


Anonymous said...

Love the colors!!! I'm really thinking about learning how to use a sewing machine this upcoming year. It helps that my mom used to be a seamstress. It doesn't help that she works nights. :p

Leann Richardson said...

That is beautiful!!! I love it! I wish I could come to your house for lessons in quilting... it scares me a little bit because of the accuracy factor. LOL

Diane said...

Leann, there is NOTHING accurate about this particular pattern. That's why I like it so much.

Besides, the general rule is that if the inaccuracy or mistake cannot be seen when riding by on the back of a galloping camel, it's too small to worry about, LOL.

WhiteStone said...

Oh, such a lovely quilt from such a simple layout! A treasure!