Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Perchance to dream

I suppose if you are going to sleep restlessly and have vivid dreams, having Brad Pitt inhabit those dreams is a bit of consolation.

The scene was a large meeting room attached to theater/college. A number of rather unusual people were in the room, for what seemed to be a homeowners' association-type meeting for the theater. Why I was there is unclear, but as the meeting progressed, with different people volunteering to take care of assorted tasks, it became clear I would need to make myself available to help.

The action shifted to a search of the theater. The object of the hunt was a mystery, but at one point, Mr. Pitt and a small crowd of people were standing in front of a closet door as I opened it to reveal a control panel bearing the familiar yellow and black, three bladed propeller radiation warning sticker.

Back to the conference room, to decide, among other things, what to do with the contents of the closet. The next thing I know, Mr. Pitt is discussing recent difficulties with his bank account, all of which point to someone attempting to hack in. Next thing I know, he and I are having a nice discussion about me reconciling his checkbook for the last month, designing safeguards so it doesn't happen again.

Nice guy, but financially clueless.

Up much too early for a vacation day. Off to Panera shortly to go through another theology lecture on the ipod, then to the grocery for a quick stop. Back home to finish prep for the painting, as they are finally coming tomorrow. It's recycle day as well as garbage day, and I'd like to take out the big boxful of broken up boxes hanging out in the basement (I will get the basement emptied this week if it kills me).

The newest neighbors in our building are in residence, but they deserve a post of their own.

Another set of "before" pictures later, when I need a break from prying outlet covers off of walls and moving breakables to safe spots.

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