Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday miscellany 121012

Hey, I did say daily posts, not quality posts - you were warned.

'Tis the season to indulge my unaccountable love for sappy Christmas movies. Netflix streaming right now has a wonderful selection of fluffy winter fare. Tonight's choice is Snow 2: Brain Freeze, with Tom Cavanagh (who I've loved since the Ed days) and the adorable Ashley Williams.

Sappy movies are perfect to watch while you address Christmas cards.

Tomorrow night there is a multi-church Advent service at the church whose pastor's office is visible when you look out my office window (really visible; the church wall is five feet from our building). My church's worship leader is doing a couple of songs, so I thought I'd work late (I do have rather a lot to do) and wander over to the service. My heart's pretty heavy on behalf of quite a few people right now; an Advent service may be just what I need.

Friday night, my church is having their own Christmas concert, to which I'm taking a friend. The concert itself should be fantastic; we've an incredibly deep pool of musicians from which to draw.  But the real fun will be the sideshow...our pastors will be pulling espresso. Pastor Tom even roasts some of his own coffee, and may roast a blend specifically for our event. They are taking both cash and non-perishable food donations; the event is also a fundraiser for a charity we support.

I've so much to do at home to get ready for painting, to just keep up with naturally I spent some time Saturday afternoon organizing my closet by color.

Sweet potato fries - is there anything better? I'm not much of a fan of the traditional casserole everyone makes for holidays, but boy, are they great when made into home made oven baked fries.

The only thing missing from my movie-and-cards scenario is a cup of hot chocolate. Catch you later.


Mrs. The Chad said...

Did you pick a color for paint yet?

melissa said...

Hey darlin'...I'd say this was quality, and maybe quantity. Lots of good living in this post. And don't take on too much empathizing (sp?). You and me both have struggles with that.

Love to you.

Diane said...

Holly - I actually have sample quarts to put on the walls! Haven't gotten that far yet - maybe Wed night. You're welcome to drop in over the weekend and give your opinion.

Melissa - It's hard not to...and I heard this morning that another sweet woman is being baselessly accused by her mentally ill husband of abusing their children.

I really do long for the renewed, restored earth, and the company of the Lord and fully restored saints for eternity. This earth is just too much.