Saturday, December 01, 2012

It's December 1st, it must be,,,,

Holidailies is the insanity-making festival of daily blog posting during the month of December. It is more than a little bit crazy to add the stress of daily postings to all that happens during the holidays, but hey - insanity can be fun!

This year, I've finally taken the step of registering, therefore uploading my posts to the Holidailies site. For the past three years, I've done the daily posting, in the unofficial "Holidailies at Home" category. Time to move up.

As in years past you will note that I make no promises or representations regarding the quality of my blathering, simply the quantity. Part of the motivation for participating in this word fest is the chance to get my writing mojo back ("Back? Back? It was never here to begin with - you just caught a glimpse of it as it sashayed past your door on its way elsewhere" - ed.)

Grab a cup of cocoa and come along for the season.


Joy Foucault said...

Oh! I am excited. :) I read te December daily posts all last year and always look forward to this years.

Diane said...

That's encouraging, but remember - quantity over quality, LOL.