Friday, December 28, 2012


Painting is utterly exhausting.

Even when someone else is doing it.

I can handle the smell of the paint. I can handle being more or less confined to the dining room and kitchen (hey, if you have to chose two rooms to hang out it, these two do well). What I can't handle is no wi-fi.

So here I am at Starbucks, trying to load in enough legal stimulants to get me through another day of painting. With luck, they will finish today, though there is a possibility they may need to finish up tomorrow. Considering the square footage being covered, and that there are only two guys working on it, they are really speeding along.

The sewing studio is done. I wanted a bright, cheerful, happy room; just looking at it now makes me smile. Well, until I look at the boxes still to be unpacked, and think about figuring out an organizing plan for all the sewing supplies. But even that won't be onerous in such a pleasant space.

What do you do when you have no computer to play on? Work on piecing a child's quilt. The rows are complete; with some luck, I can join all the rows today. The pie pumpkin taking up precious counter space finally made its way into the oven, roasted and pureed for soup.

Pumpkin guts never get any less slimy, do they?

The soup is frozen for future lunches. A batch of french onion is on the slate for today, as I've some onions that need to be used before they spoil. Over the weekend, there's a southwest soup to try - black beans, corn, tomato base and plenty of spice. That, too, will be mostly frozen. The ham taking up a great deal of freezer real estate was prepared for Christmas, so a dozen or so containers of soup will fit in its place.

What struck me last night was the silence of the condo after the guys left. No radio, no television, nothing playing on the computer. I hadn't realized how often I putter around with one of those on as background noise.

I'd better check e-mail, finances and a few other things while I have internet access. I grabbed the computer, but not the power cords, so my time here is limited.

See you on the other side...

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