Friday, December 14, 2012

Company Girls Coffee 121412

AKA, Space Cadet version. I blame it on stress, and rightly so.

Since before Thanksgiving, I've been exhibiting what are my own personal markers for stress. No problems falling asleep, but vivid nightmares that would keep a psychiatrist in crocodile shoes and cashmere for years. No jaw pain during the day, but evidence of teeth grinding during the night. Inability to focus, except when focus is pinpoint sharp, almost to the point of obsession.

Eh. It's the most wonderful time of the year, after all. I'm working through it, but in the meantime, the extra layer of spaciness brought on by lack of quality sleep makes life rather...comical.

This morning, for instance. Last night I managed to focus long enough to address, write, sign, seal and stamp a box of Christmas cards. Wonder of wonders, I remembered this morning to drop them in the work tote, since our condo complex has its own USPS mailbox on the way out. Mailing them would put me at the halfway mark for finishing the cards.

Once a week, I stop at Starbucks on the way to work, as a change from picking up coffee at McDonald's (don't judge - McD's coffee is fast, hot and cheap - and doesn't taste all that bad). Since I missed my usual Thursday stop this week, I swung in this morning, reached into my tote for my wallet and pulled out - a Christmas card.

Tonight will not be the fist time I will pull into the condo complex, turn around at the first break in the median, pull up at the box to mail something, then do another turn around at the street to come back into the complex. Nor will it be the last, most likely.

So I continued on the way to work, mulling over the wisdom of taking a class my quilt shop is offering for an applique/embroidery quilt. One possible size is a 126 x 30" "bed runner"; strangely enough, the livingroom-facing side of the loft balcony is crying out for a long, narrow quilt. This would be the perfect size, with the added bonus of helping me learn the embroidery module on the 830.

All of a sudden, I became more aware of my surroundings. I had just pulled in to the McDonald's parking lot and was headed toward the drive through. Apparently, it made no impression on me that the interior of my car smelled deliciously like the hazelnut latte I'd just purchased at Starbucks.

It's going to be a looooong day.

A friend is joining me for dinner tonight before my church's Christmas concert. She is coming to my house so I can drive, as I'm more familiar with this side of town. The restaurant we're going to is new to me, and tucked away in an out-of-the-way spot in a neighborhood. I've a feeling my friend's faith in my ability to get us there may be misplaced, given my state so far today.

Lunch with friends tomorrow. After that and for the rest of the weekend, pre-painting prep. I've sample quarts of the two finalists for the living room color and for my bedroom; slapping some of the paint on the wall is first priority, so I can live with it for a few days before calling the painter.

The rest of the cards need doing, the freezer needs a new crop of soup to get me through lunches next week. Actually, one of the space hogging hunks of meat should come out of the freezer to be cooked. There's a mutant chicken (8 pounds, I think) that takes up half of the bottom shelf. If I take it out when I get home tonight, it may be thawed by the time I get home from church on Sunday.

Pray for me as you you are so much more likely to remember than I am at this point.


Katharine said...

Oh dear... I will be praying. Um, did you know that your link at Company girls coffee, goes to a quilting store site? I thought maybe you were one of their guest teachers or something, and you wanted to let us know, but when I couldn't find anything I came to check it out! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Diane said...

Sigh. That would be the shop that is linked to in my post.

So, if that is the third stupid thing I've done today, am I done?

melissa said...

The best part of this post? Dinner out. Try to enjoy it and don't beat yourself up. You just need a good night's sleep (melatonin...melatonin...melatonin!!!)