Friday, November 23, 2012

Not so Black Friday

Does a run to the grocery store count as Black Friday shopping? That's all I plan to do today, not so much because of the crowds, but because of the weather. Yesterday we had low sixties, and I think hit a record high for this date. That all changed around sunset. It's barely thirty degrees right now, with a wind that sounds like a pack of huskies howling for dinner. I still haven't warmed up.

I still need to toss some boxes in the corner in the basement, then do a quick clean upstairs before the Canasta Chicks arrive. At least doing that stuff should warm me up; even up here in the loft, where it is much warmer than downstairs, I still feel chilled. It may be time to move to internally applied liquid warm up techniques.

Hot chocolate.

Thanksgiving dessert was pleasant - my friend had an international, diverse crowd that kept things pretty lively. The apple tart is a keeper; it is almost as easy to make as an apple crumble, but looks so much more elegant.

Enough procrastinating; on to the basement. Which is surprisingly warm, actually.

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melissa said...

No, grocery shopping does NOT could as participating in Black Friday! :) You sound good, though I'm sorry you're cold. I hate it when my feet get chilly...makes the rest of me sad.

Have fun tonight, and your quiet day yesterday sounded restful. Enjoy your weekend. It's time!