Friday, November 09, 2012

Company Girls Coffee 110912

Good morning almost lunch time! Obviously, even coffee didn't help me this morning.

It's been a busy week, and it is not quite over. Highlights:

- A CT scan on Monday proved that Rover - the spot on my lung - is stable and pretty much nothing to worry about, at least until it's scanned again in a year. Praise God!

- My car passed the emissions test; I love my little Civic. It may have helped that in the last month I've made the 60 mile, highway driving trip out to the quilt store six times.

- The 'Supper for Twelve Strangers" last Saturday was a lot of fun. Home cooked meals are a delight for students, and it's always nice to cook for an appreciative crowd.

- My crockpot has had a real workout this week: an unheard of three separate dishes have been left to simmer all day. Last night's pot roast - a mid-week impulse - melted in your mouth. Paired with previously frozen but home made twice baked potatoes, I was able to give a friend a "Sunday" meal on a Thursday night.

- Good news from friends, including a child coming home from the hospital (though a long road ahead; he has just been diagnosed with ALL Leukemia, but is progressing through chemo like a champ), a new job, a long-sought promotion and a new home. Lots to celebrate.

- The painter came over last night to measure everything in order to provide an estimate. Depending on where he comes in, I may not get a second. A neighbor had her place painted by a different company recently, and has been kind enough to share with me her recommendation and her costs. Now comes the hard part: nailing down colors. Eeeck! The painting will be done while I'm on vacation over the two weeks around Christmas - can't wait.

Other than a short visit to see friends' new flat and going to church, I have nothing on the slate for this weekend. At least not anything other than whatever the heck I want to do. Depending on energy level, that includes taking a load of cardboard to the dump (have I mentioned it rains every.single.time I could put it out for recycling?), cleaning up the patio and covering the table for the winter, emptying a few boxes in the sewing studio and setting up the new machine in there.

This may be our last unseasonably warm weekend of the fall - highs in the low to mid sixties and pretty sunny. It just might be warm enough to spend an hour or sitting on the patio reading, prior to packing things up for the winter. Now that would be a great way to spend the afternoon Saturday...

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Thank you so much for the wonderful time!