Thursday, October 18, 2012

The best blog posts are (partially) stolen

Or so it seems. The dry spell here continues, so I'm doing a bit of a meme inspired by Stephanie's "currently" post. Bits and pieces of life in the big-ish city.

Drinking - the dregs of a large black coffee from McDonald's. but looking forward to an art-topped latte from the Cedarburg Coffee and Roastery before the demonstration tonight.

Watching - a few of the new season's shows, mostly on the computer at my convenience. A current favorite is Elementary.

Laughing - at coworker's attempts to get me to do their work for them. Because, apparently, I don't have enough of my own.

Eating - pumpkin bread. Not the home made kind, but the Pillsbury box mix. My absolute favorite fall treat.

Needing - to clean the house. Too many days/evenings in the last week have been spent running, and the house is showing the effects of it.

Thinking - about finally deciding on paint colors and calling for some quotes on the livingroom/loft/hallway, and perhaps my bedroom as well. I could, in theory, paint the bedroom myself even with the high ceiling, but if the painters are there painting the rest anyway...

Enjoying - having the bedroom window open at night, for a slightly chilly room and brilliantly fresh air (an excuse to pile on the quilts!).

Prepping - the sewing room for a new arrival.

Opening - a box containing an over-large ceramic coffee mug from the same maker as this one. A picture will be forthcoming.

Remembering - that my memory is lousy, so I should check my notes and calendar often.

Brainstorming - all sorts of new quilted goodies and Christmas gift ideas. Need to start now if anything will be done by the holiday.

Wearing - work day clothes, black skirt, grey top and long black scarf shot through with silver threads in an open plaid pattern. Onyx and (very small chip) diamond earrings. No bracelets. My right thumbnail tore last week; the nail isn't long enough to (comfortably) hold the clasp open long enough to put them on.

Making - an effort to concentrate on work. Not succeeding.

Feeling - tired and overwhelmed, needing people-less recharging time.

Loving - that I've two fun events back to back to finish the week. Yes, this rather contradicts the last item. So?

Listening - to a series of systematic theology lectures on the ipod. Well, not at this particular moment, but several times a week.

Inspired - by the women in my on-line Bible study group.

Reading - The Art of Neighboring, and an older Sara Paretsky I missed.

Thankful - for everyday grace, a warm home, pumpkins, freedom and music.


Katharine said...

I love this post, what a great list! And yum, pumpkin bread is my favourite any time of the year!

Diane said...

I can only seem to find the mix in fall, until just before Christmas. I need to stock up!

melissa said...

Love you. Just sayin'...