Friday, October 26, 2012

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Good morning! A chilly one it is; it was in the mid-thirties when I rolled out of bed, and is currently only 36 degrees, after a high yesterday of 75. The roller coaster ride continues!

So thankful it is Friday. I'm ducking out of a couple of things scheduled for the weekend, as I just need some time on my own. Well, and time to clean the house well and plan a menu for next Saturday.

Our university does what they call "Dinner for 12 Strangers"; faculty/staff volunteer to host a bunch of students for dinner in their home. Any interested students can sign up, and the organizers mix them up based on availability and transportation needs. Last year, half a dozen young coeds came over for stew and cards - lots of fun. So...I volunteered as a host again this year, with a dinner date of November 3rd.

Funny, November seemed a lot further away when I first signed up.

In another sense, November cannot get here soon enough. All the political ads are a bit crazy-making. After work last night I did the early voting thing - it's all over for me other than learning the final result.

If things go my way, there will be much freezer cooking this weekend. Two kinds of soup - chicken with wild rice and vegetable barley - plus either stuffed shells or a chicken/rice casserole. Both, if I can make room in the freezer. The change in the weather is prompting a change to warm lunches and oven-hot dinners.

It's time as well to bring a stack of quilts down to the living room. Thanks to the high ceiling, the living room is a bit chilly no matter the temperature on the furnace. The quilts help, especially when you are just sitting there watching a movie, or chatting with a friend. Eventually I'll get the ceiling fans in, which should help push the (expensively heated) air back down from the ceiling and the loft.

That's about it here.

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Anonymous said...

Miss stopping by over here. The weather sounds about the same as here, but not as extreme...which means people are getting sick. :( I'm thinking of doing something similar to the dinner for 12 strangers, but haven't thought of how yet... :) It'll be fun. Enjoy your weekend!