Friday, October 19, 2012

Company Girl Coffee 101912


Coffee isn't doing it this morning. Too many late nights this week, and another one tonight. It took three tries to type the title on this post; then I looked up after writing my first sentence, to discover it was still misspelled. Ack.

Tuesday night our women's group hit about twenty women, despite missing some regular attenders. Plans are in the works for a morning mini-worship session for the ladies in mid-November. In early Februay there may be a retreat, the first for the women at Mercy Hill.

What is fascinating (and wonderful) about MH is that, as a visiting friend put it, the leadership/worship services/atmosphere is very "male". I get what she meant; the men have stepped up and taken on their roles in leadership. It's not that we don't have very talented, capable women in the church, but that the church is committed to following the Biblical pattern for leadership (for an explanation, see Alexander Strauch's excellent book on Biblical Eldership). This will be the third or fourth year for the men's retreat; the men's group not only meets as often as the women's, but is just as well attended.

A longer post (with pictures) will be forthcoming, but a couple of brief notes on the America's Test Kitchen event I attended last night. First, MPTV needs a lesson in truth in advertising. What was promoted as a "taste test and demonstration" was really a stop on a book tour: an hour or so of questions and answers followed by an autograph/bookselling session. Second, we had a fun surprise guest, as Jack Bishop, the taste test guru, also showed up. He is a bit of a practical joker, doing little things like putting a layer of chili paste between the bread and the butter that Chris Kimball was supposed to test, while simultaneously filling the glass of water Chris drinks from during the testing with gin. All for an 8 a.m. tasting session. Third, I made a pitch for Jubilee Kitchen Wax, but that's really an entirely different story. Stay tuned.

I'm cutting out of work early today. My boss it out of town - I did actually tell him before he left that I planned to do this. My first lesson on the new sewing machine is tonight, and the quilt shop is a solid hour's drive from work. Things will be interesting once I get home, as boxes (still, after a year) litter the sewing studio floor. Eh. It's always been true that a couple of hours' worth of work will render the room usable, but it has also always been true that I've felt no burning desire to do that work. This will change that.


Dinner with a friend Saturday night, but other than that, the plan is to lay low for the weekend. Well, maybe shift/empty a few boxes. After a year, it should be easy to make the donate/toss/keep decisions, as if I haven't felt the need to unpack something, it can hardly be that important...I have too much stuff, anyway.

The clear sign that I'm past exhausted is my inclination to babble, which shows up both in speech and writing. With that...have a great weekend!

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melissa said...

I get you on the male involvement. My mom's Methodist and that denomination has a horrible modern-day history in regards to men stepping up. They don't. So thankful the Anglicans are taking care that way. I think it IS so important.

Sorry you're tired, though. Maybe a cozy, early night? :)