Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brain lint, politics edition

Periodically, it's nice to clear all the political stuff out of my brain. Feel free to bypass this one.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Milwaukee is still one of the 10 most impoverished cities in the country, with 29.4% of her population living in poverty. Milwaukee has had a democrat as a mayor for over one hundred years, and for most of the fifty years before that as well. Coincidence? Maybe it's time to try something different.

A local news remote truck was lurking outside the Old Gym at 6:30 this morning. Mrs. Romney is appearing at a rally, invited by the MU College Republican student group. Apparently, when the-powers-that-be had to allocate space for the event, they decided to chose the oldest (built in 1922) least visually appealing space available. If this were the other candidate's wife, a more suitable space would be used. Kudos, though, to the students for persisting in standing against the prevailing winds of univeristy politics.

The POTUS is holding a rally at the Summerfest grounds on Saturday, appearing on the newly constructed BMO Harris Rock stage (capacity 5,000), rather than on the more secure, more access controled main stage (capacity 22,000). Either the campaign wants to project a subliminal message of their candidate as a "rock star", or they want to avoid the embarrasment of failing to fill all the seats in the main stage area. I know which of the two I believe.

Is anyone else extremely disgusted by this?

Early voting is starting to open up in some states. As they say in the prez's old stomping grounds, "Vote early, and vote often!"

A final thought:

Which one's the pirate?

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