Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The day after Monday

Unlike some other people I could name, I generally like Tuesdays. Perhaps it is just relief that it is no longer Monday, but Tuesdays seem full of bright promise of task lists accomplished.

Except today. Generally, I pack the next day's lunch as I'm making dinner. Last night, thanks to an after work grocery run and a new recipe, dinner ended up being later than usual. By the time I was assembling the lunch while part of dinner cooked, I was both excessively hungry and cranky.

The upshot is that I got to work, only to discover I'd forgotten to pack the yogurt that was supposed to go over the strawberries for breakfast. Gah.

The day just went downhill from there.

At least the liquid I spilled all over myself just before lunch was water. A lot of water.

Assuming I get out of here on time, I'm dashing home to collect some boxes for a friend I'm meeting after work. If I don't, or traffic is bad, I'll have to deliver the boxes this weekend.

Actually, I'm more afraid that if I go home for any reason, I may just give up and stay there.

Tomorrow is Hump Day, but also a blessed, welcome vacation day, taken for no reason other than to just hit the road and go wander the country. It's just another five and a half hours until bedtime: what else can go wrong?


Robbo said...

See? Told ya. And I got drenched by a freak little shower that bubbled up directly over downtown at the end of the day.

Diane said...

At least your dampness wasn't self-inflicted.

Today has been much better, thankfully, though I may have just been talked into (or talked myself into) buying a new sewing machine. Though I could get a decent, late model used car for the same money.

Maybe I should just stay home until the Tuesday jinx wears off?