Monday, July 02, 2007

It's a wrap

The weekend, that is. Except for the whole stove thing, it was actually pretty productive, at least from an errands point of view. I returned some things to JC Penny, stopped at the fabric store - only buying exactly what I went in for, thank you - , picked up the rest of a friend's birthday gift and remembered to pick up some prescriptions. Sunday brought grocery shopping - without (gasp!) a list. When you are out of almost everything, shopping is easy. Bill paying got done, checkbook was balanced, if anemic.

Sunday mornings this month I'm trying out New Day church. I've gone to their services three or four times before, as I have friends who attend there regularly. It takes about a month to really get a feel for a new church, so July belongs to New Day. It started as a church plant about 21 months ago, but has been self-supporting for close to a year. They are meeting in the gym of an elementary school, but still manage to have some regular ministries outside of Sunday mornings. In fact, I'm joining a women's Bible study my friend Grace is teaching through New Day. Aside from supporting Grace in her first teaching ministry at her new church, I think it's a good way to get to know a few of the women on more than a "Hi, how was your week?" basis.

Back to work, and into the flurry and madness that is year-end close. The very first report I looked for this morning - the student accounts receivable balance - wasn't there. It should generate automatically. This is the third year end in a row that they've managed to miss it. I probably should have reminded them Friday...but "nanny" is not in my job description (unless it falls into the infamous "other duties as assigned").

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