Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday at last

It was gorgeous out when I left the office. Since then, it has become progressively warmer. No surprise, since the forecast calls for 90 and humid tomorrow, 95 and humid on Sunday. Nothing like what they are experiencing out west, but hot enough, particularly without air conditioning.

There are a few things, however, that must be done at home, in the sweltering heat. They are best done very early in the morning, when the temps are bearable. In the mid to late afternoon, though, it's off to someplace cool - an area Starbucks, Panera, anywhere I can sit and read in comfort.

Huh. Sitting and reading is not exactly an unpleasant way to spend the day.

Sunday the pattern repeats, although with church in the morning (air conditioned school building) and a movie in the afternoon. The current front-runner choice is Ratatouille, I think.

In order to keep the 'puter from melting, it will be off most of the weekend. During my absence, have a stroll through the archives or try to solve the new cryptic clue (Holly - this is a little harder, but once you figure it out you'll realize it's not that bad).

Stay cool and hydrated, folks.

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