Thursday, June 07, 2007

You can't get there from here

One last construction related complaint...

You really can't get there from here. No matter where here is or there is, you can't get there.

Every municipality in southeast Wisconsin is in the process of redoing the surface streets. The major downtown freeway interchange is in the middle of a five-year deconstruction/reconstruction. It will all be beautiful when complete (and save 1.2 minutes on my daily commute compared to opre-reconstruction times), but in the meantime it's a logistical nightmare. Taking the bus might be an option, but the bus company has cut quite a few routes in the last few years due to budget restraints (money redirected to street resurfacing, no doubt).

At least I'm not trying to follow a GPS for directions - I can't imagine their information is updated as often as all the construction detours change. I feel very sorry for the tourists we get, particularly as our massive every-weekend lakefront festival season is about to start. Right now, the best way to access our lakefront is via boat from Sheboygan.

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