Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vacation update

So far, so good. Today is Thursday, right? Things tend to blend together...

I've made progress on the list, but have also done a lot of off book stuff too. I've finished a small wallhanging that was a gift to me several years ago - a way too cutsey "Quilter's Alphabet" thing (but hey, it was free, it only took a couple of hours, and when I am tired of it I can throw it in the rummage sale pile). I'm currently working on a little paper pieced thing that was taught in a class about a year ago: two blocks and two additional block center were finished in class, and I need a total of nine blocks to make a wallhanging for the kitchen. The PP center of the log cabin blocks is a little house. I'm doing these in reds, since they look a lot more like barns to me. Pictures to follow when 1. the projects are finished and 2. I use up all the film so I can get the pictures developed. Yes, this is the one area of life where I have yet to embrace modern technology.

Lunch with a work friend tomorrow about half an hour west of here - the restaurant conveniently located across the street from a favorite quilt shop. Then back to her house to see her two perpetual-motion machines little boys.

I'm a bit at loose ends as far as a Bible study goes - the Thursday morning one took a couple weeks off, and I finished the lesson we will go over next week quite a while ago. Our Saturday group has one more meeting, and my prep for that was done weeks ago as well. Somewhere I have a study of the Kings of the Old Testament - that will do for a summer study for me. Personal public service announcement: The series "Following God..." from AMG publishers is a great set of study guides. The doctrine is sound, the studys in-depth but not too daunting, and the application questions relevant. The only drawback - and this is me being unnecessarily picky - is the 8 1/2" x 11" format. Take my advice if you decide to use one of them - take it to Kinkos and have them slice off the spine and put in a spiral (spiral - NOT comb - you can't turn the book back on itself with the comb binding) binding on it.

That works well for any soft-cover reference books you may have as well - several of my most-oft used quilting books are now "sliced".

Enough babbling - today is supposed to be errand day.

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