Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cut off

11:46 a.m.

Hmmm... internet connection is really slow. Why won't this page load? NO pages load.

E-mail connection lost.

Access to our departmental server lost (that would be where all of our spreadsheets, word documents and other necessities are saved, because it's, you know, more secure).

All internet access lost - did I mention that ALL of our systems are web-based?

It seems that the guys working on the little project outside our back door cut through our lifeline to the rest of the campus. Just like that, there are thirty-seven people with nothing to do. Scratch that - lots to do, but lacking the tools to do the job.

The estimate for repairs is several hours, although, from what I heard, the exact phrase was "we should have you up and running by tomorrow."

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