Friday, March 30, 2007

Skipping out early

The plan (as yet unannounced to the powers-that-be) is to take the other half of last Friday's half day of vacation this afternoon. Tomorrow night I'm hosting a dinner for some people from church; this is the first time anyone from the new church will be in my home, and since I'd like to continue attending there, I figure the house should look a bit better than usual. Not that it's ever really terrible; you just look at things differently when you know strangers will see it for the first time.

Not that much is left to do. Vacuum the bathroom and kitchen, put down clean bathroom rugs, wipe the stove off, take out the garbage and load the Goodwill donation into the car. Make dessert (a cream cheese torte that tastes better the second day), set the table with pretty things, find the folding chairs and do a last-minute dust. All that will be left for tomorrow is to cook the roast - which can actually be mostly done ahead of time with the recipe I'm using.

With a bit of luck (and the afternoon off), all of this will be done early enough today for me to have the evening to put my feet up, watch an episode or two of Battlestar Galactica season 2.5 (DVD from Blockbuster) and release the cares of the work week.

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