Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good morning evening, Sunshine

For the last few weeks, I've been blessed with driving straight into a glorious rising sun on my way to work. As a result, I've become much better at remembering to grab the sunglasses on the way out the door.

Enter daylight savings time, three weeks early. The insides of a demon's heart have nothing on the darkness I face on the commute these days.

You guessed it - I've forgotten to grab the shades the last couple of mornings, and seem to have completely lost them. So if you see a woman driving along with the windows open, the radio turned up, the moonroof open and a squinched-up, slitty-eyed look on her face as she bobs and weaves in an attempt to get the sun visor to block out the sun (without totally obscuring her view of the road), know that it's me.

You might want to get out of my way.

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