Monday, March 12, 2007



Not enough Jack. What, did Kiefer take a month off after winning the Emmy for season five?

Too much political posturing.

Inconsistencies/idiotic mistakes in actions/reactions are starting to annoy me:

- Amazing how ex-president crook Logan had a nice suit, tie, socks and even shoes in Jack's size, all ready for their visit to the Russian consulate.

- Biscuit-boy turns himself in as part of the plot to assassinate President Palmer remix, but then allows himself to be persuaded by power-hungry granite-faced Veep to lie about it.

- After using a cigar cutter in a novel way to extract vital information from the consul, Jack turns and heads for the door before contacting CTU. What, did he think they were just going to let him walk out of there?

- The tac team sent out to the consul can get there in minutes via ground transportation - in a city that just hours before was the scene of mass panic and exodus in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

- If I could immediately see that having the crazy ex-first lady, sharp knives and her smarmy ex-president ex-husband in the same room at the same time wasn't a good idea, why couldn't the three agents in the room see it?

I have plans next Monday. If the power goes out and the vcr goes dead, so be it.

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